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Sexual dissatisfaction can cause divorce

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Updated on: 2017-02-22

As per many Psychologists, the  reasons for the success or failure of marriage is the sexual harmony between the man and his wife.

As physiologically and psychologically men and women are different, so the attachments between them can be a large factor of a successful marriage life. In many cases, it has also been found that 60% of divorce cases due to the deficit early sexual and sound upbringing of children, girls and rehabilitation so that they are in pairs. In the relationship, unless both husband and wife agree to abstain from sexual relation for the purpose of fasting, none of them has the right to force the other to abstain from such relationship and here from when pressure comes from any one side then it leaves a very bad impression on other’s mind. On the other hand, the sexual relation is one of the primitive relations for a couple and so it’s quiet natural that when this becomes hindrance, then the dissatisfaction comes into the couple’s mind and can result to divorce as well.

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